Sunday, August 19, 2018

Embroidery Art for Clothes: Easy DIYs to do at Home

In this Easy DIY you will learn embroidery art for clothes.
Let me help you learn how to embroider, with step by steps and easy designs to start you off. You can start with Twisted Chain stitch, French Knot, Fish-bone and Stem stitch.
* Cotton Embroidery Floss
* Needle
* Fabric
* Embroidery Hoop
* Scissors
Embroidery Starter KIT:
Milliners Needles:
Embroidery Floss:

Hand Embroidery for Beginners - Part 7 | Chain Stitch Variations by Hand...

Learn Hand Embroidery for Beginners: I will be covering 10 Basic stitches of Chanin stitch family.
Chain stitch, which is one of most frequently used embroidery stitch is also known by names like Tambour stitch and Point de chainette. It is at once an outline stitch as well as a filling stitch.
Chain stitch variations:
1.Chain stitch
2.Cable chain stitch
3.Open chain stitch
4.Sinhalese chain stitch
5.Interlaced chain stitch
6.Threaded lazy daisy
7.Knotted cable chain stitch
8.Basque stitch
9.Whipped chain stitch
10.Hungarian chain stitch
Lap Stand Hoop:
Embroidery Starter KIT:
The Embroidery Book:
Chenille Needles:
Embroidery Threads:

DIY Flower Vase - Popsicle Stick Crafts Ideas for Home decor

Decorate your home making this DIY Flower Vase that add fun touches to every home. Get this flower vase(florero) crafting ideas for home decor, like how to make craft projects for home or your bedroom.
-Popsticks(150 Pieces)
-Fabric Paint
-Empty Spray bottle
Craft Sticks(Popsicle sticks):
DIY Stitching:

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Round Smocked Pillow Tutorial: Make Your Vintage Cushion

Decorate your home making this Round Smocked Pillow or Cushion that add fun touches to every home.  Make Your Vintage Decorative Cushions(Cojines Decorativos).

Fabric Length you need 60 x 24 inches.

Make rounded poly-foam pillow:

Satin Fabric on Amazon:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hand Embroidery | Flower Pattern with Ribbon, Cotton Floss Threads | Han...

Satin Ribbon Flower design is three dimensional. The lovely flowers are of course the classics,

I highly recommend mixing it up with a few other colors of your choosing from whites to blacks to yellows to blues...

Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks...

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Basic Stitching for Beginners - Part 6 | 10 Stitches | HandiWorks #84

Today we will be covering 10 basic embroidery stitches for Beginners.
Once you familiarize yourself with basic stitches, you will find that they are the foundation to those more elaborate stitches that once seemed too difficult to tackle.

Embroidery Full KIT:
Embroidery Hoop:
Embroidery Threads:
Chenille Needles:

Here are ten embroidery stitches to know as you move forward with hand embroidery.

1. Double Blanket stitch
2. Double chain stitch
3. Russian chain stitch
4. Chevron stitch
5. Threaded herringbone stitch
6. Outline stitch
7. Single feather stitch
8. Looped running stitch
9. Diamond eyelet stitch
10. Ray Stitch

Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks...

DIY Kanzashi Flower | Ribbon Gift Box Ideas | HandiWorks #83

Kanzashi flowers are a Japanese art form that are traditionally made with honotai silk to give them a dazzling color and lovely texture. There are so many different looks you can achieve by petal size and color placement.

Try on different colors of ribbon.

The wired edges help petals hold their shape.. Use it on seasonal wreaths and decorations.

Ribbons are available at

1. 1.5 Inch Wired Ribbon Silver
2. 1.5 Inch Wired Ribbon Navy blue

Monday, September 4, 2017

Art and Craft ideas | Paper Quilling Wall Decoration | HandiWorks#82

Quilling designs for wall frames need to look attractive and entail an artsy and majestic look.
Apart from being a fun paper craft art, it is a craft that demands a lot of patience.

Let us have a look at how does the wall decor using Quilling Art come together.

Things you need:

1. Clock
2. Quilling strips
3. Quilling Needle
4. Quilling Comb
5. Adhesive

Monday, August 28, 2017

DIY Embroidery Ideas | Stitching Flower Design by Hand | HandiWorks #81

You can stitch any of pattern using these Hand sewing Stitches,
If you’ve embroidered any other designs based on Cast-on and Bullion Stitch and
French knot stitch technique, I would love to see them. 
Please give a description and leave the link to your comments so that other viewers could view them, as well. 

Happy stitching!
Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks...

3D Wall Art | DIY Flower Wall Decor | HandiWorks#80

If you’ve been looking for that perfect DIY craft project to help inject a little light and vibrancy into your home, 
I simply had to share this 3D Felt Flower Wall Art with you, chance are you won’t find many better than this!

Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks...

Learn Stitching by Hand | Easy Hand Sewing | HandiWorks #79

Beading on elegant embroidery that decorates the classic to your Dress.
Stitch your own embroidery designs on Your favourite dresses, Bed sheets, Pillow cover, Bags etc...

Happy stitching!
Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks...

Download Pattern:

Embroidery | Ribbon Flower Design | Hand Stitching Tutorials | HandiWork...

The lovely ribbon flowers are of course the classics, but we highly recommend mixing it up with a few other colors of your choosing. From whites to blacks to yellows to blues...

Enjoy your time working with HandiWorks...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DIY Ideas | Paper Quilling Designs on Cards | HandiWorks #77

Looking for some creative DIY Quilling ideas that won’t break the budget?
Today, quilling is seeing a resurgence in popularity with quillers on every continent and in every walk of life.

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